Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development

IoT and Automation

Capturing the world around you

(previously iPhone / Android Development)


Unfortunately, as of 2018-2019, we are no longer developing for phone form factor mobile platforms. Android and iOS are essentially marketing platforms. Very few useful applications are actually deployed on these platforms, and fewer still are deployed profitably without ad supported business models. Contacting a marketing firm is probably a better route to providing applications for these platforms. We don't consider them serious deployment targets anymore.

The only exception to this is the Surface line of tablets from Microsoft and other Windows 10 based tablets - which are fully capable PC environments


We are replacing our mobile practice with IoT and Automation services. This practice area includes PLC programming, plant automation, Arduino prototyping, device and sensor cloud connectivity and a variety of services to gather and harness realtime information from the world around you. Please contact us for more information.